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Energy Storage: Bidirectional Direct Current Converters


"Empowering the Future of Energy" 
Started in 2007, Ideal Power is an Austin, Texas company focused on power conversion, on and off the grid. According to Ideal Power, their "...patented Power Packet Switching Architecture (PPSA™) merges novel power management algorithms with soft-switched semiconductors, eliminating the bulky and inefficient passive components that have been the mainstay of power converters for decades. PPSA-based systems are smaller and lighter; as well as more flexible, efficient, and reliable than conventional solutions, dramatically reducing installation and operating costs while increasing return on investment."
In addition, Ideal Power is is developing  a new bi-directional silicon power switch design, the B-TRAN™, which will further improve weight, size, cost reductions and efficiency.  Ideal Power's patent portfolio activity reached a peak in 2015-2016 and has since tapered.

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