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Energy Storage: Bidirectional Direct Current Converters   Patent Forecast®

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Renewable Energies can be intermittent depending on conditions. For example, when the sun shines you need to make power, but you don’t always need that power when it’s made, so you must have a way to store it as energy.

Direct Current Bidirectional converters are a key technology for energy storage because they can have multiple streams of DC power at varying voltages. Typically, these need to be integrated into a single current with a nominal voltage.

This Patent Forecast is divided into two groups: converters which convert directly (DC/DC) and converters which convert DC into an alternating current and then back into DC (DC/AC/DC).

Top 10 Corporate Owners

Issued Patent Count   
Published Application Count

Corporation Patents and Published Applications Count
1. Toyota Motor Corporation
2. Mitsubishi Corporation
3. General Electric Company, A Ny Corporation
4. Ideal Power, Inc.
5. Panasonic
6. Delta Electronics, Inc.
7. Infineon Technologies Ag
8. Hitachi Vantara Llc
9. Inventor
10. Analog Devices, Inc.

Invention Categorization and Classification

Categorization and Classification Patents and Published Applications
  • DC/AC/DC
    808 DC/AC/DC
  • DC/DC
    547 DC/DC

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