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Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication is the passing of information from a vehicle to other entities, such as V2I (vehicle-to-infrastructure), V2N (vehicle-to-network), V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle), V2P (vehicle-to-pedestrian), V2D (vehicle-to-device) and V2G (vehicle-to-grid).

Top 10 Corporate Owners

Issued Patent Count   
Published Pending Application Count

Corporation Patents and Published Applications Count
1. Lg Electronics Inc.
2. Qualcomm
3. General Motors
4. Inventor
5. Hyundai Motor Group
6. Intel
7. Samsung Electronics., Ltd.
8. Huawei Technologies
9. Honda Motor
10. Kia Motors

Spotlight Companies in V2X Communication

Qualcomm has made uniquely sophisticated contributions to this sector in the form of their 5G V2X sensors, rolling out their Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) sensing interface earlier this year. The vehicle-integrated module uses 5.9GHz band for high-speed, independent connection. Their patents focus on reducing latency in transmission.

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V2X is a gateway for GM to build a multi-industry collaboration with numerous manufacturers; showcased at a recent expo in China. Being one of the first corporations out of the gate working with v2x, they filled large expectations by successfully testing aspects of this sensing, such as intersection collision and emergency brake warnings. They are also angling for a potential break into the V2x market domestically sometime before 2022. 

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Currently, Hyundai’s website states that they are still conducting research on implementing 5G V2X in their vehicles and expect that the subsequent information communication capacity will be “humongous”.  They also recently incorporated real-time navigation updates in their vehicles via Hyundai MnSOFT, their namesake GPS software. Their most recent patents reflect an uptake in optimizing this as well as managing the varying nodes that make this high efficiency communication possible.

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LG Innotek has been making strides in the V2X industry. They became the first to release a second generation ‘full module’ vehicle-to-everything apparatus. A sleek, compact device, it can withstand high-heat and sense up to 1km radius around the vehicle. More recently, it has implemented 5G technology in its sensing devices, for even higher throughput. Their innovative patents center around hopping and bi-directional communication, to streamline the data influx process.

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Intel has taken the lead through foundation of the Automotive Edge Computing Consortum, where chartered members include Toyota and Ericksson. Their patents emphasize sidelink communication, a more secure way for two LTE devices to directly connect and bypass a node. They also have more security-concerned patents as well; such as authentication.  

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 Ford has materialized in the V2X arena with a bold claim that all of its vehicles will be integrated by 2022. Currently testing the Wuxi’s LTE-V2X in a revolutionary multilayered operability, this takes an edge computing approach to cellular v2x. Along with patents regarding this, they also touch on fuel efficiency and fuel tank pressure monitoring; a more environmentally conscious lens on v2x. 


Category and Tag Distribution

Category and Tags Patents and Published Applications
  • Communication
    480 Wireless, 173 Transmission
  • Computing
    20 Business methods, 19 Data recognition/presentation, 13 Data processing, 6 Image processing, 1 Computational models
  • Measuring/Testing
    42 RADAR, 25 Distances
  • Signalling
    5 Traffic control
  • Vehicles
    61 Conjoint control, 28 Other parts, 19 EV Propulsion, 18 Signals, 5 Seats, 3 Braking/Collision avoidance, 1 Powertrain, 1 Connections, 1 Wheels

    News and Insights

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    November 14, 2019

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