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Quantum Computing

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D-Wave Gives Pandemic Researchers Free Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing Patent Forecast®

April 2, 2020

Canadian quantum computing company D-Wave is giving anyone working on COVID-19 responses free access to its Leap 2 quantum computing cloud service. D-Wave's current partners - Volkswagen, DENSO, Jülich Supercomputing Centre, MDR, Menten AI, Sigma-i Tohoku University, Ludwig Maximilian University and OTI Lumionics - will provide engineering expertise. 

Leap 2, launched on February 26th, is able to solve large scale problems, something that could be useful to groups working on pandemics. While D-Wave has focused on the hardware aspects of quantum computing, it also has two issued patents for optimization methods. 

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Relevant Patent Documents

Patent 7877333  

Patent 10275422  

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