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Quantum Computing

D-Wave Systems Inc.

Unlocking the power of quantum computing by delivering customer value through practical applications

D-Wave Systems is a Canadian quantum computing company, based in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. As the world's first company to sell computers to exploit quantum effects in its operation, D-Wave's early customers included Lockheed Martin, University of Southern California, Google, NASA and Los Alamos National Lab. In 2015, D-Wave's 2X Quantum Computer with more than 1000 qubits was installed at the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab at NASA Ames Research Center. They have subsequently shipped systems with 2048 qubits. In 2019, D-Wave announced a 5000 qubit system available mid-2020, using its new Pegasus chip with 15 connections per qubit. D-Wave also offers Leap, a quantum cloud service, which allows real-time access to live quantum computers.   

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