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Zogenix, GW Pharma Discovering Epilepsy Treatments

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April 16, 2020

Zogenix is searching for and developing treatments for rare diseases such as those that cause different forms of epilepsy. Just this week, Zogenix received a patent (US Pat. No. 10,603,290) for a treatment for seizures which uses fenfluramine in combination with cannabidiol to counter a metabolism pathway that creates norfenfluramine having undesired side effects. Cannabidiol has been combined with other drugs, such as botox, to downplay some of the side effects of the primary drug.

Zogenix is not alone in the cannabis for epilepsy space. In fact, as you may have already guessed, GW Pharmaceuticals was also listed this week for a grant for patent 10,603,288. Patent ‘288 claims a CBD composition, also in the presence of another epilepsy treating drug, for "treatment-resistant epilepsy".

GW Pharmaceuticals is the leading patent assignee in the cannabis sector. Take a custom look at the cannabis sector IP landscape at MagicNumberIP.com with a subscription.  

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