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Smart Footwear

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Smart Footwear Overview

Smart Footwear Patent Forecast®

August 8, 2019


This sector provides context around the concept of smart footwear.

Big Picture 

Consumer demand has increased for wearable technology. Smart footwear generally includes at least one sensor and/or at least one haptic device. Smart footwear has a wide variety of applications, including fitness, medical, team sports, video games, and virtual/augmented reality. 

Scope of Analysis 

This sector is limited to US patents and patent applications directed to smart footwear. A focus was set on documents that describe smart footwear devices, applications, and platforms.

Tags and Their Meaning  

The sector is divided into three major categories with subcategories as follows:

  • Applications
    • Fitness
    • Medical
    • Team Sports
    • VR/Gaming
  • Devices
    • Inserts/Shoes
    • Pods
  • Platform

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