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Quantum Computing

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Barclays, IBM demonstrates trade-clearing algorithm

Quantum Computing Patent Forecast®

October 31, 2019

Barclays and IBM researchers have tested a quantum computing algorithm for securities transaction trading. The algorithm was applied to transaction settlement for ensuring the integrity of trades in securities. Transaction settlement is difficult to optimize because it requires a combination of both the legal constraints that must be satisfied when settling delivery-versus-payment transactions and the additional optionality introduced by what the authors describe as “collateralising assets and utilising credit facilities” (finding the money).  I wonder if the USPTO will find this solution patentable?

Explaining how the quantum computer came up with its answer is another problem that needs to be overcome, said Lee Braine, director of research and engineering at Barclays’ chief technology and innovation office. “Explainability in quantum computers is similar to AI. Someone needs to articulate how the algorithm works that can be understood by a regulator and risk assessors.”   Shouldn't that be patentable, too?


Stock Exchange, Trading Floor, New York, Manhattan

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Patent 10452990  

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