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Pandemics/Epidemics (Free)

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Apple, Google release technology for pandemic apps

Pandemics/Epidemics (Free) Patent Forecast®

May 21, 2020

Apple and Google released smartphone technology that automatically notifies people if they've crossed paths with a potential coronavirus carrier.  Besides the technical issues - some governments have already rolled out contact tracing apps which have failed - there's the privacy issue. Governments want to use GPS so that health workers can do a better job of tracing, but Apple and Google aren't letting it in their tool.  There is much debate around this. 

What could really be interesting, though, is Google's application of Machine-Learned Epidemiology, which it filed a patent for in 2018. With a new app to power this system, there could be some interesting solutions to be learned. Like...don't go to choir practice.

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Relevant Patent Documents

Application US20190148023  

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