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Edge Computing

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Computing at the Planet's Edge?

Edge Computing Patent Forecast®

October 22, 2020

Microsoft makes another appearance this week due to the recent news that they will be partnering with SpaceX. This partnership specifically focuses on connecting Microsoft's cloud computing service, Azure, to the new SpaceX Starlink program. This coincides with Microsoft's plan for a new service called Azure Orbital that brings cloud computing to space via satellites. 

While this partnership is solely focused on cloud computing, for now, it would not be surprising for them to begin exploring any benefits this partnership could have for its other departments such as edge computing. Microsoft has been an active player in the edge computing field, filing multiple patent applications in the edge computing space. 

As always it is a fascinating time to witness the rapid evolvement of technology and what future possibilities there still are in Edge Computing and various other sectors. To see more about other companies developing for the edge check out the Magic Number® Edge Computing Patent Forecast®!

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