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Edge Computing

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Red Hat and IBM join forces

Edge Computing Patent Forecast®

July 26, 2019

Announced in 2018, the acquisition of Red Hat by IBM shocked many, and the results of this recently completed acquisition will be felt in the Edge Computing Sector. Red Hat is known for its cloud infrastructure software and is the industry leader in developing enterprise open source software. IBM already has a large patent portfolio in communication between edge servers and edge devices. 

A recently announced partnership with Nvidia will use Nvidia’s multi-cloud and AI-enabled edge computing platform for enterprises. The result, known as EGX, will be delivered on Red Hat’s OpenShift software platform. Subsequent to acquiring Red Hat, IBM announced IBM Edge Computing and has partnered with other companies as well, including Cisco and Akamai.

Relevant Patent Documents

Patent 10033800  

Application 20170279774  

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