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Cannabis: Compositions

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Certainly a Novel Extraction Method, but is it Effective?

Cannabis: Compositions Patent Forecast®

May 14, 2020

A cannabis extraction patent (US Pat. No. 10, 646, 526) was published this week and assigned to ST&T International, which doesn’t break the norm around here. But rather than using ethanol as the main extractant, aloe leaf liquid is claimed to be the main extractant with additional alcohol, ketones, or esters, added to sufficiently extract the cannabis oil. 

The cannabis aloe extract is then solidified to be used for improving skin conditions topically.

ST&T International currently holds 4 patents and patent applications in the cannabis sector, all in our ‘Processing - Extraction’ category. Take a closer look at over 300 patents and patent applications pertaining to the diverse world of cannabis extraction with a subscription to Magic Number’s Cannabis Patent Forecast®

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Relevant Patent Documents

Patent US10646526  

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