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Biodegradable Packaging

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Carbiolice joined the Biodegradable Packaging Sector

Biodegradable Packaging Patent Forecast®

July 2, 2020

Carbiolice, a subsidiary of Carbios, had its first patent publication in the biodegradable packaging sector this week. Although this is the first patent publication for Carbiolice in the United States, Carbiolice states to have twenty patents with international coverage.  Carbiolice's flagship product, Evanesto®, allegedly turns bioplastics into compost, even from home!

The patent publication relates to biodegradable plastic articles comprising polyester and biological entities able to degrade such polyester, and wherein the biological entities are homogeneously dispersed in the plastic articles. The invention also relates to a process for producing such plastic articles, comprising a step of mixing biological entities with a selected carrier in a liquid composition or in a masterbatch with the polyester. Analyze the claims here.

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Green Waste, Composting, Recycling

Relevant Patent Documents

Application 20200199354  

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