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Biodegradable Packaging

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100% biodegradable coolers coming to store

Biodegradable Packaging Patent Forecast®

April 25, 2019

On 4/23/2019, Igloo announced its new product RECOOL, the world's first eco-sensitive cooler made from 100% biodegradable materials, primarily molded pulp. Igloo claims the product is patent-pending, but currently has no published activity in the Biodegradable Packaging patent sector. Potential competitors are already active in the space, including Vericool, which also offers compostable coolers. Vericool has several patents and pending applications directed to the recyclability and compostability of its products; however, they do not currently have any presence in biodegradability.

Relevant Patent Documents

Application 20180305109  

Application 20180237184  

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