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Patent 10829280
Drop Water Corporation

Compostable Single-use Beverage Container And Associated Mechanism For Sealing The Container

The present invention relates to a novel beverage container and a mechanism for securing a cap to the container within an automated kiosk. The container comprises a compostable shell, beverage bag, and other components. The beverage bag is sealed to a closure shoulder using a mechanical sealing ring, optionally without the use of using heat, glue or ultrasonic energy. The cap is secured to the closure shoulder by the mechanism within the kiosk.

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1 Independent Claims

  • Claim 1. A beverage container, comprising: an outer shell comprising a locking taba beverage bag within the outer shell, the beverage bag comprising a top openingamechanical sealing ring comprising a first portion located within the beverage bag and a second portion protruding outside of the top opening of the beverage bag, the second portion comprising a first locking ringa vertically-oriented closure shouldercomprising a second locking ring and a protrusion comprising a horizontally-extending surface, wherein the second locking ring is engaged with the first locking ring to clamp between them a portion of the beverage bag surrounding the top opening of thebeverage bag and the locking tab is engaged approximately perpendicularly with the horizontally-extending surface of the protrusion to prevent the closure shoulder from being removed from the outer shelland a cap secured to the closure shoulder.
  • Claim 7. A method of assembling a beverage container, comprising: placing a mechanical sealing ring in a bag through a first opening in the bottom of the bagmoving a portion of the mechanical sealing ring through a second opening in the top of thebagengaging a first locking ring on the mechanical sealing ring with a second locking ring in a closure shoulder, the mechanical sealing ring and the closure shoulder clamping between them a portion of the bag around the second openingsealing thefirst opening in the bottom of the bagsecuring a cap to the closure shoulderand placing an outer shell around the bag.