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Patent 10772457
Drive Foods Corps

Method For Cannabinoid Delivery Into Beverages

In hot beverage cannabis related products, such as single use coffee systems as well as other coffee systems, the cannabinoids are not being infused into the beverages, such as coffee, during the brewing process. To solve this problem, a cannabinoid delivery system is provided. The cannabinoid delivery system includes various systems and methods of positioning cannabinoids and/or cannabis plant matter in locations and forms such that the cannabinoids are properly infused into the beverages.

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  • Claim 1. A system for cannabinoid delivery into beverages comprising: a single use cannabinoid delivery system configured to be used in a single-serve brewing machine, the singleuse cannabinoid delivery system comprising a hollow housing configured to retain a filter and cannabis plant matter, wherein the filter contains ground coffee or tea, and the cannabis plant matter is positioned outside the filter, wherein the filter hasa filter size and the cannabis plant matter is smaller than the filter sizeand, wherein the single-serve brewing machine is configured to enable hot water to pass through the single use cannabinoid delivery system to extract the ground coffee or teaand dispense the cannabis plant matter into the hot water which is configured to be collected into a cup defining a beverage.