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Patent 10721228
Global E?dentity Inc.

Biometric Authentication Of Individuals Utilizing Characteristics Of Bone And Blood Vessel Structures

Biometric authentication of a subject utilizing bone and/or blood vessel (vein or artery) structures is provided. A vertice profile is generated from a non-invasive, multi-dimensional image scan of a subject or a portion thereof. The vertice profile is generated by identifying relative locations of divots and peaks on a surface of a bone structure or by identifying branch intersections and traversals of blood vessels. Additional verification techniques can be used for proof of life (verification of human subject). If authenticated, access to physical or digital/virtual assets is allowed.

Slightly Less than Average Length Specification

1 Independent Claims

  • Claim 1. A computer-implemented method for granting access to a specific living user over a data communication network the access grant method comprising: receiving an access request fromthe specific living user, wherein access is granted utilizing biometric authentication enhanced with non-invasive vascular vessel matching internal to and unique to the specific living userscanning, with an external device for scanning internalcharacteristics of the surface of vascular vessels, a living body part to generate an anatomical multi-dimensional image internal to the specific living user, response to the access request receivedgenerating a vertices profile of the vascular vesselsunique to the living body part by: identifying locations of branches and traversals from the anatomical multi-dimensional image of the living body partcalculating relative locations of the branches and traversals to each other from the identifiedlocationsand generating a vector mapping based on distances of branches and traversals from each other to describe the relative locationsdetermining, via transmission from a network interface to the processor and memory of the authentication serverover the data communication network, if the generated vertices profile for the specific living user and a database stored vertices profile for the specific living user, through comparison, meet a pre-determined threshold of accuracyand responsive to adetermination, via transmission to the network interface from the authentication server, that the generated vertices profile and the database stored vertices profile meets a pre-determined threshold of accuracy, granting the access request to thespecific living user.