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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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Flirtey Granted New Patent on 5 Year Anniversary of First Commercial Drone Delivery

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Patent Forecast®

July 23, 2020

Flirtey was recently granted a new patent to add to its growing portfolio of UAV related intellectual property.  5 years ago, Flirtey successfully completed the first commercial drone delivery in the US with the FAA's blessing. Since then, Flirtey has continued to lead the way in commercial drone deliveries, and recently its next generation drone, the Flirtey Eagle. The most recently issued patent, #10,703,494, discloses a parachute deployment system that can be used to safely land a drone in the event of a malfunction.  The parachute can be deployed either automatically or manually by a user at a remote monitoring station upon activation of a "kill switch." This is an important safety step toward eventually having a fully functioning commercial drone delivery network.  

Relevant Patent Documents

Patent 10703494  

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Flirtey Granted New Patent

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