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Transportation Logistics

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Patent US9952056

Issued 2018-04-24

Methods And Systems For Detecting And Verifying Route Deviations

Systems and methods for geocoding coordinates of users, vehicles and destinations on a map, and to identify when a transit vehicle deviates from a system generated driving route are disclosed. As the transit vehicle travels along the route, its actual path of travel may be compared to an optimal driving route generated by the system to obtain route deviation data. The route deviation data and/or road network data may be filtered to remove data noise and further analyzed to build a profile of a driver operating a transit vehicle. A digital signature identifying at least one pattern of behavior and/or operating characteristic associated with a specific driver operating a vehicle is further developed, and may be used to allow a system administrator of a vehicle fleet to filter out, or filter for, specific driver types based on driving behaviors that may be suitable for a particular operation.


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  • Independent Claim 1. A data processing system, comprising: a processorand a memory coupled to the processor, the memory storing instructions which when executed by the processor causes theprocessor to perform a method, comprising: geocoding coordinates of at least one of a user, a vehicle, and a destination on a maptracking positioning data of the user, the vehicle, and the destination on the map to generate a tracked routecomparingthe tracked route to one or more generated routesdetecting a deviation of the tracked route from a generated routegenerating an alert to indicate that a route deviation has occurred, wherein detecting the deviation comprises generating a pair ofbuffer perimeters surrounding a generated routecomparing the tracked route to the pair of buffer perimetersdetermining a route deviation occurrence based on the comparison of the vehicle's location to the pair of buffer perimeters, whereingenerating a pair of buffer perimeters comprises overlapping one or more buffer strips on top of a generated routeand positioning the buffer strips perpendicular to the generated route.