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Sports Analytics

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Sports Analytics Patent Forecast®

October 1, 2020

While the sports analytics sector has been rapidly maturing over the past few years, with head contenders like SMT and Disney pulling ahead of most of the competition, it may seem like a difficult time for a small start-up to make any sort of rapid growth in the sector. However, the Austin, Texas-based company Ballogy is proving with the right combination of luck and skill, it's definitely still possible. Following their founding in 2016, Ballogy seemed to have a relatively slow start like most start-ups, slowly gaining users for their app while looking to make partnerships. This rate continued for the most part until March 2020, when the company was able to increase their customer activity over 650% between then and the beginning of the following September, while also expanding the sports coverage of their platform from one sport to five as a means to prepare for even more growth to follow. 

While most of this growth was likely due to the circumstances of that time, with more and more coaches turning to remote coaching strategies in the wake of COVID-19, it still takes strong leadership and a forward-thinking platform to be able to handle this rapid of growth. Surprisingly enough, Ballogy wasn't solely consumed by scaling their platform to be able to handle this rapid growth, but also in the works of developing new features for their clients. One feature released September 25th will offer pro and amateur level athletes alike access to certified combine measurements through their new Ballogy Combine Testing feature. While, unlike their coaching features, the Combine Testing feature requires that athletes participate at an in-person event, it still allows for amateur athletes to be able to hone their skills by obtaining objective measurements about their performance that was once only available to professionals.

While this market growth is quite impressive for Ballogy, one thing that has not seen much growth is their IP portfolio, being assigned only three published applications in the sector, with no granted patents. This isn't too surprising when you consider the novelty of the start-up, but is something Ballogy may want to focus on in order to limit their competition from stealing their growth. The benefits of IP both as protection and an asset cannot be understated in this field, as shown by the extensive portfolios of some of the most prominent players in the industry.

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