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Smart Cities: V2X

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MobiledgeX and Savari Partner on C-V2X

Smart Cities: V2X Patent Forecast®

April 16, 2020

MobiledgeX and Savari are partnering for enhanced Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) use cases for automotive OEMs, their fleet management, and mobility-as-a-service partners.  MobiledgeX, founded by Deutsche Telekom, helps global telecom operators offer cross-carrier edge computing services and capabilities. Savari produces V2X software and applications.  The partnership between Savari and MobiledgeX will enable Savari’s emergency response, first responders, and public sector fleet managers to bring lifesaving solutions to the market. Savari has 7 issued patents and 1 pending application in the V2X space.

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Patent US10591608  

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