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Quantum Computing

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A New Angle on Quantum Computing?

Quantum Computing Patent Forecast®

June 25, 2020

On June 22, startup Horizon Quantum raised $3.34 million on a promise to democratize development of quantum computing software. Horizon Quantum has developed a program that can inspect source code and determine where a quantum computer could speed up preexisting algorithms. The program also has the ability to construct the quantum algorithms itself, so that the user does not need to have any quantum knowledge. While there are new quantum breakthroughs every year, these discoveries don't help if they remain inaccessible. By automatically giving code a quantum speedup, Horizon Quantum is making the benefits of these breakthroughs accessible to everyone.

While Horizon Quantum does not have any published patents yet, it is hard to imagine that they do not have some in the works. With their innovative take on quantum computing, Horizon Quantum would be a good acquisition choice for any of the main players in this space.

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