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Quantum Computing

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Quantum Machines Raises $17.5M

Quantum Computing Patent Forecast®

March 26, 2020

Quantum Machines has raised $17.5 million to continue development of their Quantum Orchestration Platform, a system that allows end users to write more powerful applications for quantum processors. The orchestration platform is a hardware and software system platform that simplifies coding of  very complex algorithms and then orchestrates these algorithms on the quantum processor. The company has already sold the system to several large corporations, government labs and academic institutions.  Quantum Machines has four issued patents and appears to be using the Accelerated Examination Track at the USPTO.

The Quantum Of The Seas, Cruiser, Ocean, Ship, Port
Quantum of the Seas

Relevant Patent Documents

Patent 10454459  

Patent 10333503  

Patent 10505524  

Patent 10560076  

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