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Quantum Computing

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Honeywell, IonQ, Quantum Circuits create the hardware, Microsoft the software. Sound familiar?

Quantum Computing Patent Forecast®

November 7, 2019

Microsoft has gone into partnership with Honeywell, IonQ and Quantum Circuits for quantum computing services. The latter companies will provide access to their quantum computing hardware through Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.  1QBit will provide software and services. Any business will be able to access these quantum computing platforms by writing applications that can run in the cloud.  Honeywell has three issued patents to date in 2019 for ion-trap technology, IonQ has four applications published this year, Microsoft has 16 issued patents related to quantum computing so far and 1QBit (aka 1QB Information Technologies) has two issued patents and three publications in 2019. Quantum Circuits does not appear to have any patent activity. 


Relevant Patent Documents

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