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Quantum Computing

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VW picks D-W(ave) to navigate the bus

Quantum Computing Patent Forecast®

October 31, 2019

VW Group has picked a D-Wave quantum computer to crunch the data for the world's first pilot project for traffic optimization. The experiment, to be done in Lisbon, Portugal in November during the WebSummit technology conference, will use MAN buses, a subsidiary of VW. The buses are being equipped with a traffic management system developed in-house by VW that calculates the fastest route for each of the nine participating buses. The VW team hopes that bus operators will add temporary links to their scheduled services to serve stops with the largest passenger numbers. This approach would be especially useful during major events. 

VW needs to pay attention to Accenture, which has an issued patent and a pending application for optimizing transportation and several other more general optimization applications. Meanwhile, D-Wave just added another issued patent to its portfolio, bringing it to 146 issued. 

Portugal, Lisbon, Center, City, Road, Via, Trolley Bus

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Application 20190325338  

Patent 10453894  

Patent 10387791  

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