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Application US20210085781

Published 2021-03-25

Neoglycoconjugates As Vaccines And Therapeutic Tools

Neoglycoconjugates as immunogens and therapeutic/diagnostic tools are described herein. The neoglycoconjugates are produced by conjugating a carbohydrate antigen intermediate to a free amine group of a carrier material (e.g., carrier protein). The intermediate comprises a linker having a first end and a second end, the first end being conjugated to a carbohydrate antigen via a thio ether bond and the second end comprising a functional group reactable with a free amine group. Following coupling, the carbohydrate antigen becomes covalently bound to the carrier material via an amide, a carbamate, a sulfonamide, a urea, or a thiourea bond, thereby producing the neoglycoconjugate. Applications of the neoglycoconjugates as antigens, immunogens, vaccines, and in diagnostics are also described. Specifically, the use of (neo)glycoconjugates as vaccine candidates and other therapeutic tools against cancers, viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, and other diseases characterized by expression of aberrant glycosylation are also described.

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