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Energy Storage: Bidirectional Direct Current Converters


Headquartered in Toyota City, Japan, Toyota Motor is the largest automotive manufacturer. In 2018, The company invested $4 billion in a robotics and AI research institute to create safer vehicles, as well as launched a $2.8 Billion dollar Self-Driving Car Company called Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development  with automotive suppliers Aisin Seiki and Denso. The company made several partnerships in 2019, including with Chinese technology firm Cogobuy to build a Smart Car Ecosystem in the hopes of turning the company from manufacturing-oriented to intelligence-oriented. Also, Denso and Toyota have agreed to establish a joint venture for research and advanced development of next-generation, in-vehicle semiconductors, with a focus on components such as periphery monitoring sensors. Most recently, Toyota and tier-1 suppliers, Dentsu and Renesas, announced an alliance for developing advanced systems for an autonomous vehicle. The announcement said that Renesas would supply its new R-CAR super chip, which Cortica's AI technology was installed, to Toyota. Starting in 2020, this chip will be the brain of the company's family of autonomous vehicles, together with Dentsu's control systems.

Toyota utilizes a multitude of different converters in its vehicles, DC converters being used for electric power steering, start/stop systems, and for the Prius that uses it to convert the high voltage coming from the battery to the lower level required for the auxiliary equipment. Bidirectional DC converters can be used in the operation of hybrid electric vehicles of which Toyota holds an interest in. 

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