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Edge Computing

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IBM is watching Mimik. Should you?

Edge Computing Patent Forecast®

April 22, 2021

Mimik Technology is a startup based in Vancouver that develops hybrid edge cloud solutions. It is a new company to join the Patent Forecast® Edge Computing Platform Sector and only appears with two patent applications so far. However, it has some powerful traction through a partnership with IBM announced in December of 2020.

IBM and its subsidiary Red Hat have both been very active in the edge computing sector over the last five years, with a combined fifty-six (56) patent assets. While Mimik is small for now, it has raised over $16 million and is a notable startup to watch in the sector because it provides distributed edge functionality to IBM’s cloud-based business by allowing any device on the network to operate as an edge node. This architecture differentiates it and by extension IBM, from major competitors in the sector like Intel, who are focused more on technology like mobile edge computing (MEC). The focus also falls more in line with IBM’s enterprise cloud computing solutions and explains why IBM may have an interest in the company. The partnership sets up IBM and Mimik to compete with another distributed edge computing streaming company, Theta Labs, which Patent Forecast®  highlighted earlier in 2021. 

It will be worth watching to see what Mimik continues to develop now that it has some momentum from IBM and should also be watched as a potential acquisition target for IBM once its patent portfolio is more developed. To catch other new startups joining the sector and the latest technologies being developed be sure to check out the Edge Computing Patent Forecast®!

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