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Edge Computing

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Netflix's Edge Computing Development is Still Buffering

Edge Computing Patent Forecast®

March 18, 2021

Netflix has expressed interest in edge computing recently, but its miniscule patent portfolio is a sluggish attempt. In February 2020, the streaming service claimed edge computing solutions would be most effective for its in-house production, so that producers and editors across the world could have easy access to footage. The idea probably would have been especially useful during the global pandemic. However, it seems that Netflix hasn’t invested in much patenting to achieve this goal. The company received its first issued patent in Edge Computing in December 2020, but the covered invention addresses tracing requests in an edge network for backend diagnostics purposes. Netflix’s only other filing, an application from November 2019, does address steering traffic on a Content Delivery Network. But is it too little too late? 

Currently, Netflix relies on AWS to deploy its streaming services. Unless the company is willing to expand its internal innovation team, it should focus on partnerships and acquisitions instead.  We will explore partnership and M&A targets in this Edge Computing sector in future insights as 2021 unfolds. Keep up with all of the latest patent developments using the Edge Computing Patent Radian®. Start your free trial today.

Netflix only has two patent applications in edge computing despite voicing interest

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