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Edge Computing

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Limelight Announces Field Testing for EdgeFunctions

Edge Computing Patent Forecast®

March 26, 2020

Limelight Networks (Limelight) has just announced that EdgeFunctions, Limelight's global edge platform, has entered the field trial stage. The announcement includes the platform's new capabilities relating to distributed serverless computing.

The platform enables developers to run their code using Limelight edge locations, making functions globally available. In turn, this creates a more efficient Content Delivery Network (CDN). Content is delivered to users closer to where content requests are received, which reduces code execution latency and creates an optimal user experience.

Limelight has taken an API-first approach with EdgeFunctions, including support for Node.js, Python, and Go, enabling developers to focus on innovation and integration. Currently, EdgeFunctions's capabilities revolve around streaming video and content delivery use-cases. Applications include personalized streaming, access control, dynamic advertisement insertion, content protection, A/B testing, and image manipulation. Limelight's EdgeFunctions removes one of the most significant obstacles for developers: infrastructure.

Limelight's IP for the Edge Computing Sector consists of 39 patents and patent applications, with classifications spanning the "Geo/Location," "Bandwidth," "Latency," and "Platform - Non-Blockchain" subcategories.

Video, Netflix, Online, Media, Player, Youtube, Cloud

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