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Edge Computing

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Where is StackPath Heading?

Edge Computing Patent Forecast®

March 19, 2020

Dallas-based edge computing start-up StackPath announced this week a Series B funding round worth $216 Million, bringing their total equity raised to $396 Million. Interestingly, the round was led by telecommunications and networking behemoths Cox Communications and Juniper Networks. The companies hope to put StackPath in a position to be the default edge computing platform. 

StackPath provides a platform for edge computing infrastructure which lets developers build and deploy directly at the edge. At this time, StackPath has no published IP, but Cox Communications and Juniper Networks do - albeit not in edge computing. This new partnership will bring a lot of industry knowledge into StackPath, and funding will be used to accelerate product development, engineering, and go-to-market activities. At the same time, both funding companies will be deploying StackPath's platform on their networks and to their customers. 

What is StackPath?

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