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Edge Computing

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Sasken's First Filing

Edge Computing Patent Forecast®

March 5, 2020

Indian technology and services provider Sasken recently applied for their first patent in the edge computing space. The application relates to a method for registering a device on an IoT edge network and providing increased security. Sasken teaches storing device credentials both on the device and on a blockchain, and using a certifying node to access the credentials on the blockchain.

This is Sasken's first patent application relating to edge computing, but they are not unfamiliar with the topic. Because the company provides engineering and digital transformation services to global customers, including in the industrial, smart devices and wearables, and satellite communications industries, they have worked on edge computing in the past. They published a white paper in 2018 entitled "Edge Processing - A Paradigm for Instantaneous Value Realization." The paper discusses how Edge and Cloud can coexist to realizing business outcomes. It was published soon after an Indian patent application, to which this one claims priority, was filed.

Relevant Patent Documents

Application 20200067708  

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