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Edge Computing

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Intel Loves the Edge

Edge Computing Patent Forecast®

February 27, 2020

It's hardly a secret that computing powerhouse Intel is putting a lot of focus on edge computing, already with one of the largest patent portfolios in the space. The company has already had six published applications since the start of 2020, many of which focus on a system for data management.

Intel's latest application teaches methods for data management in a reverse content data network (rCDN). Content from devices includes attributes which are considered when determining where to store the content, such as on a local device or a nearby node that provides lower latency than a backend cloud.

This week, Intel also announced a new series of chipsets and network adapters to further their push into 5G and edge computing. They unveiled the Atom P5900 CPU, based on Intel’s 10-nanometer manufacturing process, for locations requiring high-bandwidth and low-latency. Ericsson, ZTE, and a currently unnamed launch partner will begin deploying the CPU later this year. They also announced updates to the Xeon Scalable data center chips which have a 36% performance increase compared to previous models, the company says.

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Application 20200059529  

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