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Edge Computing

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Edge Computing Patent Forecast®

February 20, 2020

Edge computing startup EDJX and telecommunications carrier 6x7 Networks recently announced a partnership to add 6x7 Networks locations for use by developers. EDJX has one issued patent in the edge computing space and 6x7 Networks currently has none, although this may signal a shift towards greater investment in the space.

In November, EDJX announced a public beta of the EDJX Serverless Edge, which allows developers to write, test, and deploy IOT and mobile edge applications. 6x7 Networks has over 500 Points-of-Presence and over 100,000 edge locations worldwide, meaning this partnership will help make EDJX Serverless Edge one of the most expansive networks available for developers. The partnership further increases 6x7 Networks' capabilities on the edge as well, including computing and distributed ledger opportunities.

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Patent 10303576  

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