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Edge Computing

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Nokia finally wins edge computing patent

Edge Computing Patent Forecast®

January 30, 2020

Nokia is no stranger to the computing and telecommunications spaces, and has been saying for some time that they want to be a major player in edge computing as well.

In November 2016, Nokia and Vodafone announced a collaboration to develop a Mobile Edge Computing proof of concept for 4G. Then, in April 2018, Nokia launched an edge data center for 5G, which included hardware and software infrastructure for low latency support of various industries.

From a patent perspective, this has now come full circle for Nokia, as they were recently granted their first patent in the edge computing space, which teaches software-defined networking for edge nodes. The company also has multiple published applications relating to resource allocation and data routing in edge systems. What will Nokia do next? Will they follow the industry trend and work to develop partnerships to leverage their technologies, or will they attempt to build out a hardware and firmware solution on their own?

Relevant Patent Documents

Patent 10547505  

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