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Edge Computing

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Intel pushing the boundaries

Edge Computing Patent Forecast®

November 21, 2019

Intel is a household name in tech, and things are no different in the young field of Edge computing. Already a top 4 patent owner in the space, Intel has had 27 issued patents and applications published in 2019, of which eight of them were also filed in 2019 - so it can be expected that many others have been filed, just not yet published. Intel's recent patent applications are not too focused either, ranging from telemetry data management, to redistribution of resources, to V2X communication.

Meanwhile, Intel also continues to develop new processors, such as the Xeon platform. However, the company does seem to rely on partnerships, such as one with Microsoft, to bring edge computing platforms to the public.

Relevant Patent Documents

Application 20190311127  

Application 20190327506  

Application 20190349426  

Application 20190349433  

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