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Edge Computing

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Vapor IO Steps off the Edge

Edge Computing Patent Forecast®

October 31, 2019

This week, edge computing startup Vapor IO formally announced a new component of its services, the Kinetic Edge Exchange, or KEX. KEX is a software-defined platform that will allow users to connect to other exchange members in their area and adjust bandwidth as needed. The company has partnered with Digital Realty Trust, a data center company, to build two (and many more) unique network peering sites designed for edge computing. Located in Chicago and Atlanta, these sites will serve as the foundation nodes for KEX.

Vapor IO has been incredibly aggressive with their growth strategy, a story demonstrated by their patent activity. Between computing hardware (i.e. equipment racks) and system implementation methods, the company has been issued six patents this year and has likely filed many more. With their established industry partnerships, it would not be a surprise to see the company bought out soon. 

Relevant Patent Documents

Patent 10404523  

Application 20190297544  

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