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Edge Computing

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Pensando comes out of Stealth Mode

Edge Computing Patent Forecast®

October 24, 2019

Last week, Pensando came out of stealth mode after raising a $145 million Series C round (bringing their total funding raised to nearly $300 million). The company is claiming its technology, which gives more flexibility to data centers, performs at least five times better than Amazon Web Services Nitro. They do this by preparing data center infrastructure to be ready for edge computing, 5G, and more. So far, the company has already taken on massive customers including Goldman Sachs and HPE.

Interestingly enough, Pensando currently has no published IP. Given that one of the company's founders, Luca Cafiero, has pursued many patents in the past, this seems unlikely - it is entirely possible that the company has non-publication requests on their applications. If that is not the case, and Pensando truly has no intellectual property, it may not be long before they are looking to acquire some. As written about here in regards to the cannabis sector, it is not an uncommon strategy for companies - especially those planning to compete with Amazon - to go out and acquire companies in order to provide the intellectual property protection they need for their work.

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