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Edge Computing

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Clostra Files Patent for NewNode to Revolutionize CDN

Edge Computing Patent Forecast®

October 16, 2019

Clostra, a small, machine learning solutions company headquarted in San Francisco, has two products on the market. The first is Keymaker, an AI-based analytics company that helps customers understand why things happen. Based on continuous monitoring and analyzing, Keymaker provides an analytical reporting dashboard to help companies utilize their information in an operational and strategic manner.

Clostra has also developed an open-source content delivery protocol called NewNode. Clostra's first patent application, which is for NewNode and was recently published, focuses on more efficient downloading of content. They claim that NewNode enables data distribution that is free of attack, spying, and censorship, as well as quickly and easily deployable. 

There is certainly an overlap between the two products, and as edge networks grow, the ability to tie machine learning technologies to the edge will surely be an advantage to a company such as Clostra.

Relevant Patent Documents

Application 20190312927  

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