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Edge Computing

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Vapor IO forming strategic partnerships

Edge Computing Patent Forecast®

July 26, 2019

Vapor IO currently leads the market in providing micro data centers at the edge of the wireless network. Their Kinetic Edge colocations place IT equipment at the base of cell towers and nearby aggregation hubs. Vapor IO also boasts they’ve built the world’s most powerful IT enclosure known as a Vapor Chamber that thrives in edge environments. Founded only in 2015, the company has a variety of IP assets regarding distributed peer-to-peer data center management and infrastructure scheduling.

Vapor IO also has some interesting partners. Crown Castle, America's largest provider of shared communications infrastructure, has allowed Vapor IO to offer a direct connection between its edge containers to Amazon Web Services by providing Vapor IO access to its Cloud Connect fiber network which uses Amazon Direct Connect services. Another Startup, Packet, uses Vapor IO’s containers to offer its bare metal cloud services. The partnership enables Packet to offer edge cloud infrastructure as a service in exchange for helping Vapor IO grow its Kinetic Edge.

Relevant Patent Documents

Patent 10257268  

Application 20170264493  

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Vapor IO

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