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Cryptocurrency: Industrial Applications

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Why is Bitcoin surging? PayPal. And we have the paper trail that predicted it.

Cryptocurrency: Industrial Applications Patent Forecast®

October 23, 2020

What an incredible month it’s been for Bitcoin - it has risen to its highest valuation for the year 2020. It started with Square investing $50 million. Then, Fidelity launched its first fund focused on Bitcoin. However, it was today’s news that took Bitcoin to its highest price for 2020: PayPal announced it will open up its platform to cryptocurrencies, according to Businessinsider

This announcement caught everyone off guard. Or did it? We noticed PayPal was issued 8 patents in 2020 in the Magic Number Patent Forecast® Cryptocurrency: Security Sector.

As we’ve been saying for years, any company preparing to enter the market will leave a trail of paperwork full of their intentions. PayPal has been stealthily working behind the scenes to allow Cryptocurrency compatibility and security on its platform, as shown by their patent investments.

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