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Consumer Sleep Technology

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Speculation about Google's Newest Device - What do the Patents Say?

Consumer Sleep Technology Patent Forecast®

January 14, 2021

In a previous insight, we pointed out that Google filed two sleep patents in 2020 after a year and a half of inactivity in the sector. The move was interesting given Google's acquisition of Fitbit, which is the largest assignee in Consumer Sleep Technology and a well-known name in wearable health technology. 

A recent FCC filing indicates that Google is developing a new interactive device with a screen, and many tech sites speculate Google will be incorporating its Soli radar technology used to detect humans and their gestures. One site reports sleep tracking as a possible use based on sources "familiar with the matter." Of course, a more reliable source than an anonymous insider would be patent data. One of the patent applications filed last year covers using an IR sensor in a device located in a person's bedroom to remotely monitor sleep based on movement. The device is further incorporated into a "smart home environment." Google also has a patent filed in 2018 for remote sleep monitoring using cameras and computer vision. The patents show Google has been investing in this technology and considers it worth protecting, making it even more likely to show up in a consumer product soon.

This analysis is yet another example of patents predicting market movement. You can follow Google and other companies in the Consumer Sleep Technology sector to glean more insight ahead of the curve on the Patent Forecast®. 

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Relevant Patent Documents

Patent 10643081  

Application 20200196915  

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