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December 5, 2019

Casper developing a temperature-regulating mattress

Consumer Sleep Technology Patent Forecast®

Casper recently had a patent publication for a temperature-regulating mattress. Patent investment always leads market activity, and it is important to note that Casper currently does not have a temperature-regulating mattress on the market. According to the patent publication, the temperature-regulating mattress will include dual-zone heating and cooling temperature regulation using air, smart controls to integrate with smart home products (e.g., Alexa), and temperature and humidity sensors.

This is Casper's first document in the Consumer Sleep Technology sector. Casper faces competition in the sector from Sleep Number and Eight Sleep, as well as from companies with temperature regulation devices, including Kryo (makers of the ChiliPAD and OOLER) and BedJet.

Relevant Patent Documents

Application 20190320808  

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