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July 3, 2019

Sony merges sleep and display technology

Consumer Sleep Technology Patent Forecast®

In a patent application published this week, Sony discloses a light-shielding device made of liquid crystal panels that can hide an object to make it invisible to eyes. In one example, the light-shielding device is used as a window in a bedroom. The light-shielding device includes a control unit that acquires biological information from a smartphone or wearable device. The control unit determines the light-shielding state of the device based on whether a user is sleeping. The amount of light transmitted can be adjusted to encourage the user to comfortably wake up.

This appears to be a future application of Sony's 16K "Liquid LED" full-wall display for museums and showrooms. While Sony has been active in protecting its inventions in Consumer Sleep Technology (mainly in Data Processing and Analytics), this is the first sign Sony is integrating its display technology with sleep technology.

Relevant Patent Documents

Application 20190195012  

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