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Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots are designed to operate in close proximity and sometimes in tandem with humans for a variety of applications including assembly and manufacturing, home care, and service work. Traditional industrial robots are not equipped to recognize or respond to human presence and are thus fenced off to ensure worker safety. In contrast, the International Federation of Robots defines four types of collaborative robot interactions in an assembly setting: coexistence, in which the robots are not fenced off but do not share a workspace with humans; sequential collaboration, in which robots and humans share the same workspace and have sequential actions; cooperation, in which robots and humans work on the same part at the same time; and responsive collaboration, in which robots respond in real-time to human movement.

Top 10 Corporate Owners

Issued Patent Count   
Published Application Count

Corporation Patents and Published Applications Count
1. Fanuc Ltd., A Corp Of Japan
2. Ocado Innovation Limited
3. Verb Surgical Inc.
4. Walmart
5. Kindred Systems Inc.
6. Toyota
7. Panasonic
8. Seiko Epson Corporation
9. Inventor
10. OMRON Corporation

Invention Categorization and Classification

Categorization and Classification Patents and Published Applications
  • Control
    228 Human interaction , 142 Misc , 110 Sensing , 48 Machine Learning
  • Components
    55 Components
  • Robotic Systems
    300 Robotic Systems
  • Application
    168 Retail , 123 Medical , 79 Consumer , 65 Manufacturing , 26 Misc

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