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Cannabis: Compositions

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Patent US10646526

Issued 2020-05-12

Cannabis Extraction Method And Compositions

The present invention provides methods of extracting Cannabis plant material through use of aloe, compositions comprising the resulting Cannabis aloe extracts, methods of using the extracts to ameliorate skin conditions, and applicators for applying the extracts topically.


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  • Independent Claim 1. A method of preparing Cannabis Aloe extract consisting essentially of: a) providing Cannabis, which has been processed by one or more of the following steps of cutinto pieces, milled, dried and powdered, with an extractant consisting essentially of Aloe leaf liquid wherein the extractant is in liquid form and/or if the Aloe is in powdered form the Aloe is reconstituted to liquid form with water, b) extracting theCannabis by heating at temperatures from about 25.degree. C. to about 100.degree. C. for about 1 to about 10 hours, thereby forming a Cannabis Aloe extractc) separating the Cannabis Aloe extract from lipids, waxy ballast and plant material by amethod from the group of filtration, centrifugation, screening, decantation and combinations thereof, and d) processing the Cannabis Aloe extract by winterization to provide the Cannabis Aloe extract which consists essentially of cannabinoids.