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Cannabis: Compositions

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More Companies Hop onto Cannabinoid Biosynthesis

Cannabis: Compositions Patent Forecast®

June 4, 2020

Three new patent applications (U.S. Pub. Nos. 20200165641, ‘5643, & ‘5644) relating to the biosynthesis of cannabinoids were published this week assigned to Khona Pharms LLC, two independent inventors, and BioMediCan Inc., respectively. 

Application ‘5641 discloses using a bidirectional multi-enzymatic scaffold to biosynthesize cannabinoids in engineered host cells consisting of bacteria, yeast, algae, or plant cells. Likewise, application ‘5644 teaches a method of producing cannabinoids in yeast. Whereas, in application ‘5643, it is described that genetically engineered microorganisms are used in food and beverage effluent processing to reduce the biochemical oxygen demand.

There lie many applications for cannabinoid biosynthesis, many of which were mentioned in this Magic Number article. Explore the cannabis sector through Magic Number’s Cannabis Patent Forecast®.  Analyze the patent claims with Patent Matrix®

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Relevant Patent Documents

Application US20200165644  

Application US20200165643  

Application US20190365644  

Application US20200165641  

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