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Biodegradable Packaging

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Can DS Smith bring some positivity to recycling in America?

Biodegradable Packaging Patent Forecast®

March 5, 2020

DS Smith, a net positive recycler, has opened a 43,000 square foot recycling plant in North America. The plant, DS Smith's first recycling plant in North America, is next to DS Smith's paper mill and within a mile of its packaging plant, thereby creating a closed loop manufacturing model. This plant opening follows the January opening of the automated corrugated packaging plant in Lebanon, Indiana. The automated corrugated packaging plant is able to produce over 300,000 boxes an hour and over 2 billion square feet of recyclable packaging a year. 

The DS Smith process allows for corrugated packaging to be made, used, collected and recycled into corrugated boxes again within 14 days as well as reducing the amount of fiber in boxes by up to 30%! The recycling plant is expected to recycle over 36,000 tons of old corrugated cardboard each year. The plant opening is part of DS Smith's goal to achieve zero cardboard and paper going into landfills. 

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