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Biodegradable Packaging

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Stora Enso continues to push recycling

Biodegradable Packaging Patent Forecast®

September 19, 2019

Just weeks after its CEO announced he was stepping down, Stora Enso has demonstrated its commitment to recycling as it recently published results of trials regarding the recycling of paper cups. Conducted with Fiskeby Board in Sweden, the trial focused on the recycling of used paper cups into white-lined chipboard and determined that yes, the used paper cups can be efficiently used without major investments at the mill. Not only does this minimize resources in board production, but paper cups lead to higher board fiber yield than non-polymer coated board materials.

Concurrently, Stora Enso has announced a new forest division. The company will own and operate forests in Sweden, as well as Finland, Russia, and Baltic countries as a part of the division. This will further improve the supply process for recyclable and biodegradable products supported by their IP portfolio. Stora Enso has had five issued patents in the biodegradable packaging space in 2019 alone, which further symbolizes a commitment to biodegradability and moving away from damaging single use products.

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Patent 10414105  

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