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Automobile Vision: LIDAR

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Waymo lands $2.25B and releases self-driving electric 5Gen Jaguar

Automobile Vision: LIDAR Patent Forecast®

March 5, 2020

Waymo is launching.  A fresh $2.25 billion external investment round validates its plan and progress and will help to expand its offerings, the most exciting of which is a self-driving Jaguar electric I-Pace, which it just announced will be available this year.  Waymo's technology uses three forms of vision to "see" the road - LIDAR, cameras, and RADAR. Redundant technologies - expensive, but safe. Waymo currently has 115 issued patents for LIDAR and 49 issued patents in automobile image recognition.

Jaguar I Pace, Electric Car, Charging, Suv, Woods, Car

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Patent 10520592  

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